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The Island Sessions

Sea Turtle

The Island Sessions (las Sesiones Isleñas) is a community forum in San Juan, Puerto Rico which utilizes music from the world’s islands (i.e. Pacific, Indian, Arctic Oceans; Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas) to foster rigorous, practical and vibrant engagement with issues pertaining to climate change.


The forum consists of two elements: 


1. Weekly discussions about the diverse forces which shape environmental politics in the Caribbean and other islands around the world (such as policy, geopolitical iniquities, citizen engagement, and cultural choices)


2. Educational activities (designed by the Islands Sessions participants) for children. The programs integrate elements of mindfulness, cultural history, marine biology, “island music” and environmental stewardship to convey the importance of caring for the world’s coastal ecosystems.

The Island Sessions had a successful run for two years (2018-19) and is currently in hibernation. 

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