Turtle in the Reef


 Dear visitors, 

Welcome to Music & the Earth International! M&E (as we are known for short) is a multicultural, decolonial initiative which consists of academic, artistic and activist branches. Our mission is to support environmental awareness and healing through the practice and appreciation of world music. We focus in particular on promoting environmental justice and wellbeing on islands. 


In the past several years, M&E has produced and released two albums of original music (Emerge and Wayfinder), a forthcoming book (To Dream Again: Island Environmentalism Through Music)as well as numerous popular and scholarly articles. M&E has also pioneered a variety of musical and environmental outreach projects in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.

M&E is guided by a planetary vision in which, through music, people can traverse persistent boundaries, heal from historical injustice, and connect to the ecosystems which support us all. 

We are propelled by three goals: 1) to raise awareness about the needs of the biosphere; 2) to foster consciousness of the links between humanity and nature, which have been severed by anthropocentrism; and 3) to celebrate humanity’s cultural capacity to live sustainably, which can be reclaimed through the choices we make.

Music & the Earth International has earned widespread international recognition for building vibrant, vital bridges between music and diverse forms of environmental thought and action. Join us!  


-- Priya Parrotta, Founder & Director