About M&E

Turtle in the Reef


Music & the Earth International is a multicultural, decolonial initiative which fosters environmental consciousness through the practice and appreciation of world music. M&E is guided by a planetary vision in which, through music, people can traverse persistent boundaries, heal from historical injustice, and connect to the ecosystems which support us all. 

M&E was founded in 2017 and is propelled by three goals: 1) to raise awareness about the needs of the biosphere; 2) to foster consciousness of the links between humanity and nature, which have been severed by anthropocentrism; and 3) to celebrate humanity’s cultural capacity to live sustainably, which can be reclaimed through the choices we make. In the service of these aims, M&E has produced and released two albums of original music (Emerge and Wayfinder), an e-book/audiobook, as well as numerous popular and scholarly articles. M&E has also pioneered a variety of musical/environmental outreach projects in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.

Music & the Earth has earned widespread international recognition for building vibrant, vital bridges between music and diverse forms of environmental thought and action. Join us! 

 -- Priya Parrotta, Founder & Director