About M&E


Music & the Earth International is an educational and philosophical resource for environmental consciousness-raising, through the practice and appreciation of world music. It is guided by a planetary vision, of a world in which, through music, people  can cross any boundary, to converse about, respond to, and heal from shared environmental challenges.  

M&E is born out of two crises. The first is a crisis of voice. The voices of the biosphere—the plants, animals and supporting ecosystems that live on this Earth—have little representation in the politics which determine their fate. Within the world’s ecosystems lie keys to the cultural betterment, true prosperity, and (ultimately) survival of all human beings. Yet we have grown so accustomed to believing that “nature” has no voice, that we have designed our political and social lives so that we need never confront the myriad negative impacts of our actions upon the planet’s biodiversity, stability and longevity. 

The second is a crisis of communication. The forces which have threatened human coexistence for centuries-- patriarchy, colonialism, myriad forms of social and economic exploitation, and conflicts that explode along the lines that history has drawn for us-- are still active. They threaten dialogue not only about society and politics, but also about the environmental challenges which we face, and all of the justice issues therein.  


M&E seeks to give voice to nature, through music, in three ways: 1) raise awareness about the needs of the biosphere; 2) foster consciousness of the links between humanity and nature, which have been severed by anthropocentrism; and 3) celebrate humanity’s cultural capacity to live sustainably, which can be reclaimed through the choices we make.

M&E has evolved out of a dialogue between silence and sound, between what we ignore and what we voice— and how we use our unique instruments to recognize certain struggles, obscure others, and make the statements that shape how the people around us see the world.

Music & the Earth International

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