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Welcome to Music & the Earth International! M&E is a globally acclaimed, multidisciplinary, multimedia initiative. M&E harnesses the power of music to inspire a wiser and kinder world, in which the world's smallest and most vulnerable voices are heeded and honored.

Music & the Earth's mission is to bring environmental appreciation and sensitivity into global popular culture. It does so through original music, research, writing, outreach projects, live events, and one-of-a-kind immersive experiences. 

M&E is guided by a planetary vision in which, through music, people can traverse persistent boundaries, heal from historical injustice, and connect to the ecosystems which support us all. 

M&E is propelled by three goals: 1) to raise awareness about the needs of the biosphere; 2) to foster consciousness of the links between humanity and nature, which have been severed by anthropocentrism; and 3) to celebrate humanity’s cultural capacity to live sustainably, which can be reclaimed through the choices we make.

Music & the Earth is animated by a deep cry: a cry to listen to the Earth, to love the beings upon it, and to reform our political systems and cultural norms in ways that make true balance and harmony possible. 

Music & the Earth International has earned widespread international recognition for building vibrant, vital bridges between music and diverse forms of environmental thought and action. Join us! 


-- Priya Parrotta, Founder & Director 

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