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Mayla Partnership

Butterfly on a Flower

Since 2019

The Mayla Partnership is a multi-year collaboration between Music & the Earth and Mayla. Mayla is an international environmental community based in Washington, DC, with members in over fifty countries. The Partnership is aimed at creating opportunities for people with roots and/or branches in the Global South to share their environmental experiences, with the support of world music.


The world's music has a profound and curious ability to foster unity and diversity at the same time, and the partnership between M&E and Mayla seeks to harness this ability. By facilitating conversations about a diversity of music from around the world, we support others in narrating their unique environmental experiences. We also utilize world music to build South-South solidarities and make humane connections across borders.


Our events allow conservationists, cultural creatives, and members of the public to discover and celebrate their encounters with, and hopes for, the world's diverse geographies, through storytelling and soundscapes. If you are interested in learning more, please email

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