Current and Ongoing

Climate Soul - Environmentalism through Music (2019-present)


The Island Sessions / Las Sesiones Isleñas: A Public Education Initiative (2017-19)

with the Facultad de Humanidades at the University of Puerto Rico

Itinerarios Sonoros: A Podcast & Curriculum (2018-19)

with Lydia Platón Lázaro in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Indoricua: A Musical/Performance Initiative (2017-19) 

with Carlos Bedoya & Paulette Beauchamp (founders of DanzActiva) in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mayla Partnership: A Salon Series (2019)

with Naamal da Silva in Washington, DC


Conciencias Sonoras / Conscious Soundscapes: A Conference & Publication at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico (2017-18)

with Jaime Bofill Calero at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico